Our Approach

Customer experience improvements and increasing customer satisfaction is about a lot more than running a simple survey. Listen Up works with businesses to review their existing customer experience offering; identify the best approach to measuring satisfaction; runs bespoke surveys across multiple channels and provides real world, actionable insights before supporting our clients with the implementation of any customer experience improvements.

How we do it 

Transforming your business to have customer experience at it's heart isn't a one step process. At Listen Up we use tried and tested methodology and work collaboratively through all stages of the cycle to ensure a successful outcome. 


Listen Up will work collaboratively with your organisation to understand your current customer experience strategy, and identify the requirements of your customer satisfaction measurement campaign. Identifying the right survey methodology, at the right point in the customer journey and using the correct channel, is critical to ensuring the success of your overall customer experience program and we will fully guide you through that process.


Once the goals and objectives of the survey have been agreed, Listen Up will manage the entire process from start to finish. This includes taking your database contacts and building a bespoke campaign for your survey; production of company branded surveys including company logos and images which are fully optimised to desktop, tablet and mobile; e-mail invitations, follow up's and confirmations; providing links for social media collection and the ability to embed your survey on your own website.


While your survey is open, Listen Up will analyse the responses and provide real time updates on volumes of surveys received and an overview of responses. For some of our products, we'll also provide you with updates on any negative customer feedback and can even initiate service recovery activities to contact the customer or pass on their details for our client to initiate contact.


We strongly believe that one of Listen Up's key differentiators is how we use the analysis of the data to deliver clear and straightforward insight about your survey responses. We utilise our extensive experience of analysing customer satisfaction data to provide you with a comprehensive insight detailing the full breakdown of your survey outcomes.

All our products, from a one off Snapshot Survey through to our full experience program, include a fully comprehensive insight pack that provides you with Listen Up's independently assessed Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores® to promote your business through marketing and social mdeia channels. The pack also provides key trends and call out's, while explaining exactly what your customers are saying about your products and services, your staff and your branding -  in fact anything that's been included in the survey will be called out in the insight pack.


After the data has been evaluated and the insight produced, Listen Up will use our experience to provide key recommendations on how to improve your overall customer experience and increase your customer satisfaction scores.

These clear, straightforward improvements will be made using a consultative approach in order to bring most value to your business. We're committed to seeing businesses improve their profits through increased customer satisfaction, so all our recommendations will be cost effective and suitable for your budget.


At Listen Up we realise you want to spend as much time running your business as possible, so we'll support you implementing our recommendations. We strongly recommend for best long term results you don't see customer experience improvement as a one off exercise, but utilise customer satisfaction measurement as a long term key differentiator for your business.