Why measure customer satisfaction

Simply, you can't afford not to. Here are some facts and figures:

  • 63% of customers choose a product or service because of customer experience
  • 96% of dissatisfied customers will just leave without telling the business they were not satisfied - only 4% actually complain
  • 75% of people would share a negative experience, but only 42% would recommend a product or service they liked
  • A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their negative experience, with 13% telling up to 20 people 
  • The probability of selling to an existing, satisfied customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new customer with whom you've no previous relationship is 5-10%
  • It costs 6-7 times more to attract a new customer than retain an existing one

How we help

Listen Up provides a unique combination of effective customer experience measurement through bespoke surveys, alongside straightforward, actionable insights and recommendations on how to improve customer satisfaction.

Listen Up works with businesses to provide a bespoke service to measure customer experience, evaluate customer satisfaction and provide insight and recommendations on how to embed customer experience at the heart of the organisation.

Some of the things we do include: 

  • Independent customer experience reviews
  • Bespoke single and recurring customer surveys
  • Designing unique customer feedback systems
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction scores
  • Deliver quantifiable insights into reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Provide straighforward recommendations for improvement
  • Providing Net Promoter Scores ® (NPS) 
  • Customer experience training
  • Setting customer experience standards

The benefits

We're unashamedly focused on helping businesses increase their profits by providing a great customer experience. 

By measuring customer experience and customer satisfaction, a business can expect to see the following benefits:

  • Increased Revenue as satisfied customers purchase more products and services and a higher growth rate of new customers
  • Improved Retention as customers have the opportunity to share feedback before their next purchase/contract renewal
  • Reduced Costs as an organisation can focus their activities on profitable products and reassess their less valuable services
  • Increased Marketability by promotion of independently evaluated Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores ®
  • Reputational Improvements as a result of gathering feedback from customers and being seen to act upon this by taking a 'you said we did' approach
  • Perceived as being a Customer Centred organisation due to having customer experience embedded at the core of their business

Recent research has shown that over the last 5 years, large companies that rate in the top 100 for customer experience (e.g. First Direct, John Lewis, Ocado) have doubled the revenue growth of the companies on the FTSE 100 share index. The numbers show revenue growth of 11% for the companies who focus on customer experience, versus 5.5% growth for the FTSE organisations.    

Listen Up takes the same methodologies, techniques, insight and improvement strategies used by the top customer experience companies, and makes them available and affordable to smaller organisations to help embed Customer Experience at the heart of the organisation.